Welcome to PUB Global Private Limited: Your begin-all, end-all package for the complete run of publishing services! If you have a publishing project in mind, no matter what it may be or what genre the publication is in, PUB Global Private Limited will give you every service based on your requirement from the beginning to end.

We use the latest technology in all our services. To ensure that you get answers to your queries whenever you demand and the project is executed within the agreed timeline.

We localize the content, taking into consideration of various factors, such as cultural relevance and substantive linguistic adaptations. When localizing, we focus on the content design, the technical design, the screen elements, and the media.

We also providing ePUB services. The ePub format ebooks can be read on a wide range of software and electronic ebook readers including the iPad, iPhone, Nook Reader, Kobo, Kindle and many other platforms.

As regards our Graphics and Artwork services, we are providing a high impact images and creative illustration services for any type of publishing projects.

We are living in a multi-device world. We now have options to deliver e-learning through a wide variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Our development team uses state of the art technology and are constantly upgrading themselves.

Even if you have done most of the groundwork earlier and need only minor process to be completed and published, we can help you to finalize the project with the best quality.